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Magnesium & Lavender Body Butter

Magnesium & Lavender Body Butter

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The magnesium and lavender body butter is perfect for soothing and healing your body before bed.

Magnesium & Lavender Body Butter has been known to:

Relieve muscle aches, pain and cramps
Aid a restful sleep
Use for massages on sore and aching muscles and joints
With our handy hard-wearing tin you can throw this in your car or bag!

Lavender is well known for its calming properties and ability to aid with sleep, however it is not often used to its full potential which is why we have made it in a topical form. Lavender has been shown to have similar effects as anti-anxiety medication and is used worldwide for mental and physical relaxation. This is because it has the calming effect without the sedative side-effect that some other synthetics sleep aids have. This means it can be used day and night!

Now imagine that lavender serenity coupled with muscle relaxing magnesium. Another natural chemical that is best applied topically. Because body butters are applied topically, all the nutrients bypass the digestive system and kidneys meaning that you will feel the effects of all this natural goodness sooner rather than later.

The magnesium and lavender butter is perfect for soothing and healing your body before bed.

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Natural ingredients, Handmade, New Zealand Designed, New Zealand-made, Women Owned

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