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First Light Natural Health

Anxi Ease Support© (20ml oral spray)

Anxi Ease Support© (20ml oral spray)

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Calm Confident Capable

Negative condition: Feeling anxious or nervous, worried, overwhelmed

Positive outcome: Calm, confident, objective, able to cope, staying present

An emotionally calming flower essence blend to support personal equilibrium, inner poise and tranquility during challenging times. Supports you to feel emotionally safe and secure and to trust your intuition. Helps you to have quiet courage, to be present and be open to the magic of the now.

Made in New Zealand


Ingredients / Materials

First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends are sustainably made in total cooperation with nature and contain only natural ingredients.

100% natural
Animal and plant cruelty free
Free from fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens and other additives
Carefully made in New Zealand with New Zealand native plants

First Light Natural Health® Anxi Ease Support© is made with award winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:

No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy
No 38 Rasp Fern
No 45 Matai
No 52 Nikau Palm
No 64 Koromiko
No 96 Sword Fern
No 102 Tree Daisy
No 122 Fairy Bouquet Orchid


Brand Values

Natural holistic remedies made from New Zealand native plants.

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