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Earth Spring

Earth Spring Shower Steamer - Energise (box of 4)

Earth Spring Shower Steamer - Energise (box of 4)

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Earth Spring Shower Steamer - Energise (box of 4) - Orange, Frankincense & Lemongrass

Enjoy an aromatic shower experience with our handcrafted essential Oil Shower Steamers, designed to infuse your shower with botanical aromas. Immerse yourself into a world of wellness with a simple addition to your showering experience.

How to Use
Place your shower steamer on the shower floor out of the direct line of water spray - you want the shower steamer to get splashes of water and not be fully immersed. The water will activate the steamer and release the essential oils into the steamy air of your shower for you to enjoy.

Ingredients / Materials


Brand Values

Natural ingredients, Ethical, New Zealand-Made, Women Owned

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